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Aberdeenshire Sports Council Overview

Aberdeenshire Sports Council belongs to the most professional, forward-looking sports councils actively carrying out their activities all over the country. It was established for the advanced representation of member organizations and clubs.

There is an Executive Committee which is a part of the Aberdeenshire Sports Council. This Committee includes 18 volunteer members which represent a wide range of affiliated sports organizations and clubs.

This organization works side by side with local sports councils, active schools, governing bodies, disability sport organization, and other councils across Scotland.


The Council is among the leaders by the number of members. Thus, there are more than 300 members in the Sports Council. They are both clubs and individual members.

As for the sports clubs, which are the council members, they substantially differ in many criteria such as size, membership, potential, spheres of interests, upsides, and values. These clubs are engaged in 50 kinds of physical activities and sports.

But regardless of whether the strength athletes using testosterone pills to boost their performance or other sportsmen participate in these clubs, proper, well thought-out organization is extremely crucial for all of these clubs. That’s because it is a pledge for any club’s prosperity in the future.

Startline Offering

Startline scheme was developed as a first stage on the way to the creation of a portfolio of the documents which are demanded for NGB (National Governing Body) accreditation.

The matter is that a variety of clubs are uncertain of their readiness to successfully undergo an accreditation process on their own. The Aberdeenshire Sports Council realizes how it is important for the clubs to show management efficacy, ensure full compliance with various club organization demands, seamlessly carry out club activities, and create well-acting child protection system.

That’s why Aberdeenshire Sports Council decided to render assistance to the clubs in their efforts to obtain accreditation with the help of its Startline offering.

Talent Fund Opportunities

The core competence of this Sports Council is the promotion of participation and interest of sport all over the country.

The Council tries to encourage a larger number of local companies to donate money to replenish its Talent Fund for people who are 21 years old and younger.
The companies which express a wish to sponsor young talented people get an opportunity to create partnership and cooperation with these people who have all chances to reach the heights in the sports world not only in Scotland and Great Britain, but also all over the globe.

Club Coach Development

The Sports Council believes that the skills and professionalism of the coaches is what mainly determines the success of any sports club or organization. That’s why the Council put in place its own grant for coaches to promote the improvement of coaches’ qualification.

Sports Directory

This Sports Council established Sports Directory to help all interested persons and companies get the most comprehensive and timely information concerning the sporting opportunities and projects available in Aberdeenshire.

The number of organizations and clubs included to the main directory exceeds 220. All of them are affiliated to the Sports Council. They are involved in diverse sports activities.