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How Upright Rows And Split Squats Help With… Holding Kids And Lifting Groceries!


In life we must depend upon our strength for a variety of activities and while engaging in a fitness routine is useful in helping you feel better about how you look, what’s even more meaningful is having the ability to function with ease when it comes to partaking in our everyday responsibilities. For this reason, I am going to share a couple of exercises with you that will not only make you look great, but will offer immense benefits while doing your daily “chores”.

Upright rows

Upright rows can be done with dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells and resistance bands. This exercise targets your shoulders, upper chest, upper traps, biceps and forearms. The reason I have chosen this exercise is because I have noticed this particular movement come into play in my own life while doing my food shopping. This EXACT action is mimicked when it’s time to lift the grocery bags from the ground or trunk.

In addition to the actual lifting capabilities this exercise has to offer, doing upright rows allows you to develop sturdiness in the stabilizing action of the shoulder joints…so if circumstances force you to have to carry your bags for a longer period of time, you will be able to hold this position without causing damage to your shoulder joint.

Tip: You can do this exercise using both arms or one at a time but what I want you to keep in mind is not to let your elbows come up higher than your shoulders since it could lead to future injuries and inflammation. Watch the demonstration.

Split Squats

While upright rows are excellent for picking up bags that have handles, when it comes to the paper grocery bags, you are looking at using a different movement to achieve this action. Split squats are very useful in teaching the body to lift an object from the floor while incorporating a stable position as you lift the weight.

Tip: Keep in mind that you only want to try this out with objects you can realistically lift since anything that is too heavy to manage is considered a liability to your safety regardless of what stance you use.

In addition to the functional benefits split squats have to offer, you will get a great lower body workout while toning your glutes, quads and hamstrings while teaching your core to remain stable in the presence of added resistance.

Learning how to perform Split Squats would also work when it comes to picking up your children and pets!

Since back injuries happen when lifting objects from the floor improperly, consider giving this exercise a try. Here’s a demonstration to show you how this is done while keeping in mind that if you are new to these types of movements, feel free to start light, do away with the weights and work your way to the full movement as you feel strong enough to do so. If you have knee injuries, check with your physician first before attempting this exercise. Split+Squats powered by LIVESTRONG.COM We all have our own motivating factors when it comes to adding a fitness routine into our lives and regardless of what yours is, any exercise that enables more efficient function in our day to day responsibilities will not only give you the body you want to see in the mirror, but will simply make your tasks easier while keeping you less vulnerable to injury.

The message I’m looking to convey in this article is that while we can’t control everything life throws our way, whatever we do have input over is definitely worth the time and practice.

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