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The Right Diet For Your Muscles


When you are training hard, you need a good diet for building muscle. Most people find it difficult to follow an ideal diet where you can build muscle without gaining a lot of unwanted body fat. In order to keep the body fat at bay, you tend to eat less. However, calorie counting will not help you to build muscle. While a good diet for building muscle should be healthy and balanced, it also needs to take into account your particular requirements, i.e. building muscles to help your training sessions.

Characteristics of a good diet for building muscle

A good diet for building muscle should take into account the following factors:

  • In order to build muscles, you have to eat a lot and stock up on the calories. You should not eat less to avoid body fat. Rather, it is the composition and the timing of the meals which plays a critical role in building muscles without body fat.
  • A good diet for building muscle should include plenty of carbohydrates. Ideally, you should eat forty to eighty grams of carbs on your training days. However, you should reduce the amount of carbs that you eat on the non training days drastically. Otherwise, it just adds to your unwanted calories.
  • On training days, the two most important meals are breakfast and the post workout meal. The night’s sleep causes the nutrient levels in your body to fall. A good breakfast replenishes it. However, it is the carbs consumed in the post workout meals which play the key role in building your muscle mass. Carbs consumed after a workout initiate hormonal reactions which allow your muscles to bulk up. During this time, your muscles are in dire need of nutrients to start the process of recovery and the extra carbs helps to do just that. But, if you consume that much carbs on your rest days, you are sure to end up with a lot of body fat.
  • A good diet for building muscle should include adequate amount of protein. They supply amino acids to the muscles to recover from workouts and develop new muscle. Protein amount need not be reduced in the rest days.
  • A good diet for building muscle should also include five to ten grams of fats every day from healthy sources like olive oil, fish and nuts.

Timing factor in a good diet for building muscle

Timing the meals is probably the most crucial factor for the success of a good diet for building muscle. Remember, you will have to consume a lot of calories to bulk up. Though the calories should be less on the rest days, it is still higher than average. So, there is a very real chance of accumulating fat in your body.

The only way to counteract this and ensure that you bulk up without becoming fat is to carefully manage the timing of your meals. You need to eat about six times on a training day with the highest amount of carbs being consumed at breakfast and at post workout sessions. This will help you derive the highest benefit from a good diet for building muscle which you decide to follow.



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